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Transform action


Isabella Meiffert


Gudberg Nerger




80 pages



Publication date

January 2014



The publication was created for the site-specific group exhibition TRANS FORM AKTION, which took place in Hamburg's Kulturhaus III&70 in September 2013. 16 artists were invited to deal with House III&70 and its checkered history on five floors, the facade and in the outdoor space. The different approaches ranged from poetic-sensual installations such as a projected pool in the stairwell by Antje Blumenstein to a performative action by Achim Riethmann, who transformed a tree root from the neighborhood throughout the duration of the exhibition, to a large-scale facade painting and architectural interventions by the Hamburg artist Heiko Zahlmann and the outdoor sculptural installation »Erdbügel« by the artist collective Baltic Raw.

The publication is in three parts and conveys the atmosphere of the house before its transformation (Issue 1) and during TRANS FORM AKTION (Issue 3). The text contributions (issue 2) deal with the exhibition and the history of the house and the district.

With contributions from: Dr. Matthias Krüger, Isabelle Meiffert and Tim Jegodzinski, Dr. Jörg Schilling, Sarah Theilacker.
Artists: Baltic Raw, Antje Blumenstein, Marcel Bühler, André Giesemann and Daniel Schulz, Silvia Iorio, Jun Jiang, Sandra Lange and Nils Fischer, Simon Menner, Thorsten Passfeld, Achim Riethmann, Isabelle von Schilcher, Heiko Zahlmann.

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