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Splendid Voids


Isabella Meiffert


Detlef Pusch





The performance FEED (2005) and the installation ZEE (2008) by Kurt Hentschläger (born in Linz, lives and works in New York) revolve around human perception and the longing for sublime emotional experiences. Its immersive and experimental character combines audiovisual installation, media performance and light architecture. Confronted with a feeling of disorientation, one is immersed in an almost referenceless, surprisingly beautiful world of light. In the installation SOL (2017), the audience finds itself in a void that is as abysmal as it is magnificent. Alternating between sensory deprivation and sensory stimulation through light and sound impulses, SOL celebrates the suspension of time and space and the loss of control, throwing visitors back on themselves in the experience of an unfiltered here and now.

"Splendid Voids – The immersive works of Kurt Hentschläger" is the artist's first monographic publication. It will be published for the world premiere of SOL on January 27, 2017 as part of the CTM in the Halle am Berghain, Berlin, and will present the three works FEED, ZEE and SOL. The deep black, silver-printed object does not attempt to document the works, but rather to capture their atmosphere and the subjective experiences of the visitors.

With a text by the American art critic G. Roger Denson.

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