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Art in the underground – as above, so below


Lorena Juan / Isabelle Meiffert


nGbK / distance


German English


December 2022

As part of the Art in the Underground 2020/21: as above, so below competition organized by the New Society for Fine Arts (nGbK), five artists were selected to deal with questions about the future of the city as an urban and social body. With Sasha Amaya, Clara Brinkmann, Philine Puffer, Florine Schüschke and Juli Sikorska, works were realized that deal critically and yet humorously with social biotopes and the change in urban living spaces. Along the Berlin subway network, the artistic interventions dealt with new living spaces, real estate speculation, the concept of home and the increasing heating of our cities.

The publication documents and contextualizes the project progression of the artists' interventions. With a conversation about art in subways between Dehlia Hannah and Nadim Samman, a scientific text on the inner city of Berlin by Martin Murrenhoff and a media studies analysis of subway television by Marie Sophie Beckmann.

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