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change of subject


Kaya Behkalam, Katarzyna Belski-Urban, Andrea Damp, Peter Dobroschke, Yulia Kazakova, Simon Menner, Vladimir Mitrev, Achim Riethmann, Maya Schweizer, Yukiko Terada, Alexander Wagner, Sinta Werner


Isabella Meiffert

The change of subject was the final exhibition of the twelve studio grant recipients 2008-2010 from the Friends of the UdK | Karl Hofer Society: Twelve artists, twelve themes. The subjects, approaches and artistic strategies of the young studio grant holders show a whole range of contemporary art. Conceptual photographs such as Simon Menner's Murder Weapons meet idyllic paintings by Andrea Damp and abstract drawings by Alexander Wagner. In his playful and humorous video 7 T-Shirts, Vladimir Mitrev questions the peculiarities of the medium, Kaya Behkalam's 2-channel projection reflects on the reception of media images, and Peter Dobroschke addresses the theft of the Munch images in Oslo in his interactive slide projection. Katarzyna Belski-Urban works with found objects and creates an installation that blends into the site. In her small-format collage, Sinta Werner deals with the perception of space. Maya Schweizer collages images from our collective memory into a monumental installation in which viewers are confronted with direct questions. Yukiko Terada's textile work at-1/09 is sensual and poetic and can thus be read as a counterpoint to our fast-paced society. Yulia Kazakova, on the other hand, creates imaginary industrial worlds in her monumental paintings that viewers can immerse themselves in. Achim Riethmann, on the other hand, dissects our realities and shows in his fine watercolors i.a. decontextualized figures in white suits and plants with spaces that leave space for your own associations and reflections.

Change of subject was the first exhibition to be seen in May 2010 at the Forum Factory in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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