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Rendezvous with art


Florian Bielefeldt, Antje Blumenstein, Berthold Bock, Lutz Brandt, Andrea Damp, Silvia Iorio, Peter Kröning, Simon Menner, Isabel Pauer, Birgit Ramsauer, Sharman Riegger, Achim Riethmann, Werner Schaub, Marc Schmitz, Klaus Staeck and others.


Isabella Meiffert

Rendez-vous with art was a 14-part exhibition series (2009 - 2012) in the German-French restaurant Diekmann in a side street of Ku'Damm in Berlin. Every two months, artists were invited by Sarah Theilacker and Isabelle Meiffert and introduced to the guests through talks and short introductions. The artistic approaches and media were diverse and ranged from painting and drawing to sculpture and video to performance and installation. There was a lot of discussion - with Antje Blumenstein about the role models of our society, with Simon Menner (after an energetic and humorous speech) about Stasi recordings and the possibilities of photography and with Berthold Bock about the legacy of modernity.

As part of the rendez-vous with art, the Originale edition series was created with works by Berthold Bock, Peter Kröning, Isabel Pauer, Birgit Ramsauer and Achim Riethmann.

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