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Stefan Alber, Lotta Antonsson, Liu Anping, Rosa Barba, Quirin Bäumler, Anke Becker, Ilaria Biotti, Antje Blumenstein, John Bock, Peter Böhnisch, Monica Bonvicini, Peter Dobroschke, Thomas Draschan, Sven Drühl, Elisa Duca, Maria Eichhorn, Lena Marie Emrich, Valérie Favre, Elena Alonso Fernandez, Heiner Franzen, Matthias Galvez, Wolfgang Ganter, Yael Graetz, Lena von Goedeke, Asta Gröting, Katharina Grosse, Kerstin Gottschalk, Harriet Groß, Sebastian Gumpinger, Henrik Håkansson, Nicolai Huch, IOCOSE, Miriam Jonas , Peter Klare, Fabian Knecht, Peter Knoch, Jerry Kowalsky, Kunstblock and beyond (Pantea Lachin, Ina Wudtke), Philipp Lachenmann, Ricard Larsson, Werner Liebmann, Adriana Alicia Fanés Molins, David Moses, Jan Muche, Rainer Neumeier, So Young Park , Manfred Peckl, Andrea Pichl, Tristan Pranyko, Achim Riethmann, Tanja Rochelmeyer, Ulf Saupe, Hansjörg Schneider, Kerim Seiler, Anaïs Senli, Yaqin Si, Friedemann von Stockhausen, Isaac Chong Wai, Klaus Weber, Lois Weinberger, Pete Wheele r, Karen Winzer, Norbert Witzgall, Deniz Zagli


Isabella Meiffert


shore halls


August/September 2019

The exhibition Eigenbedarf uses artistic means, strategies and ideas to draw attention to the precarious spatial situation and the changing living and working conditions within the Berlin urban fabric. The ever-widening discrepancy between the image of the "creative" city of Berlin and the constantly dwindling framework conditions is noticeable for artists in all disciplines. A unique, interdisciplinary landscape of studios, workshops and presentation rooms has developed on the Uferhallen site for more than ten years. Since the site was resold in 2017, everyone here is worried about the future.

The exhibition with 65 participating artists uses a hall, several studios and the outdoor area and presents the production site with its special possibilities that result from its size and the opportunities for cooperation. Despite their collective commitment and their common goal of maintaining the studios on fair terms, the concepts of art, attitudes and working methods of the artists working on the site are very different. This diversity can be experienced in the exhibition. In addition, there is a focus on site- and context-related works that reflect the current situation, convey visions and provide new food for thought. The majority of the exhibiting artists work on site. Their positions are supplemented by works by external artists.
The book Eigenbedarf documents and contextualizes the exhibition. It shows the artists in their studios and discusses how artistic means can be used to fight against urban displacement processes.

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