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As a graduate of cultural studies, art history and culture management; Isabelle Meiffert has been working in the art management and curation field ever since 2008. She has been the manager of a company collection and the production manager at the nGbK Berlin. She has been in charge of the sponsorship of multiple large exhibitions and festivals and has worked internationally with renowned artists such as Alfredo Jaar and Kurt Hentschläger.

As a freelance curator, Isabelle Meiffert has been realising both topic and site-specific exhibitions at institutions and in public spaces. Amongst those, Halle am Berghain, nGbK, Uferhallen, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art (all Berlin), Kunsthaus Erfurt and Baden (CH) can be named.

Meiffert is interested in overcoming the structures of the white cube. In her projects, she experiments the impact that different media and formats can have on the society. She frequently publishes books that give an overlook of her curatorial perspective as well as monographs on artists with whom she works closely such as Lois Weinberger, Lena von Goedeke, Fabian Knecht and the Uferhallen.

Parallel to her work in the curatorial field and art management, Isabelle Meiffert works as an artist consultant (for example with Goldrausch) and as a facilitator with a main focus on the creation of artist books as well as cultural financing. Since the beginning of 2020 she has been a chairwoman at the studio advisory board in Berlin.

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